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SANY-AIR compressor manufactured by NARDI COMPRESSORI for the sole use of sanitization of surfaces such as tables, handles, switches, desks, chairs and any objects we come in contact with in our homes, our offices and working places and vehicles.
It is ideal for disinfecting surfaces in schools, hospitals and clinics, nursing homes, medical centres, gymnasiums, wellness centres, butcher shops, confectionary industries, bakeries, offices, shops, bars, restaurants, hotels, airports and train-stations, bus terminuses and many other public places.
SANY-AIR is a quick sanitizer thanks to the nebulization of the sanitizing product placed inside the container of the spraying pistol.
SANY + AIR is a handy and an easy to use compressor. Once the liquid to be sprayed has been poured into the little tank, and the plug plugged into the electric socket, all you have to do is simply press the red ON / OFF switch and thanks to the pressure reducer on the compressor and the flow regulator, it is possible to decide the intensity of the spray and the quantity of vaporized liquid sprinkled.
SANY + AIR is highly efficient. With its special characteristic of having a constant dry spray it deposits the sanitizing products homogeneously on large surfaces. Therefore it does not require drying.
Equipped with a 5 meter spiral tube, it allows quick and free movement around places, objects and things.
Not a single drop of the sanitizing product will be wasted because once mixed with the compressed air it is totally transformed into a micro nebulization which will sanitize and disinfect your environment.
Use with our sanitising solution code 800-564 and 800-565

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