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Non-Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Liquid 500 ml bottle with pump top – Has antimicrobial and cleansing alcohol free foam hand wash sanitiser. 100% alcohol free and based on natural plant oils this product is extra kind to your hands yet still works rapidly against bacteria and other microbes, including even the most dangerous hospital super-bugs.

Being alcohol free this product avoids the danger of the alcohol evaporating before it has killed bacteria and microbes and doesn’t sting if it enters any cuts or grazes. The foam makes it easy to see when you’ve fully covered your hands. It helps break the microbial cycles and although generally used for hands only it can also be used as an all over body wash if required. Suitable for both home and professional use this product is used in many and diverse industries and environments, helping to keep people safer in their everyday lives.

Compliant with BS EN1500 and BS EN1276.


Non-Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Liquid – no alcohol means it is gentle on your skin
Doesn’t sting if enters cuts or grazes
Derived from coconut oil
For best result use with foaming dispensers
No soap & water handwashing required with this product
Kills 99.99%of germs
Compliant with BS EN1500 and BS EN1276
Made in the UK


Apply a moderate but sufficient amount to your hands and rub in well, taking care to full cover all areas including finger nails and between the fingers. Allow hands to air dry Remember that any subsequent use of towels or paper tissues may lead to re-contamination of bacteria.

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