Motorscrubber STORM Backpack Sanitiser with Wand

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Motorscrubber Storm - for the fast, easy and effective application of any disinfectant to all surfaces. 

Using the existing technology of Motorscrubber's battery powered back pack technology, they have introduced a new Ballistic Sanitising Sprayer Lance. 

Using any virucidal cleaning fluid in the 1 litre bottle stored on the harness, the pump will administer an ultra fine spray mist to all the common areas such as touch points, desks, handles, sinks etc creating the perfect 'Liquid Layer'

Hold the nozzle 30cm away from the target and it will apply a layer of approved disinfectant that will allow the appropriate contact time on the surface to remove the threat of the virus

What do you get in the price

everything you need to start sanitising - just add chemical
Back pack including pump, 1L spray bottle, battery & charger
Ballistic Storm Lance with 68 micron spray nozzle


8-10 Day Lead time for delivery.

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