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Hand Sanitiser 5 Litre carton with screw cap. The gel has 70% alcohol and also contains added Aloe Vera to leave your hands feeling smooth and sanitised. It has a peach fragrance which leaves your hands smelling fresh.
Our specially formulated hand sanitiser gel is a fabulous smooth clear consistency that provides an effective method of sanitising hands and killing germs and bacteria. Coats your hands quickly and easily and rapidly dries leaving no sticky residue – perfect for on the go use or in environments with no running water at hand.
Suitable for both home and professional use this product is used in many and diverse industries and environments, helping to keep people safer in their everyday lives. In today’s world it is arguably more important than ever for the nation to keep their hands clean and sanitised.
Compliant with BS EN1500 and BS EN1276.

Screw in pelican plunger pump available, or simply pour into your existing dispensers
75% alcohol
Includes Aloe Vera to leave hands feeling extra smooth and sanitised
Kills 99.99% of germs
Conforms to BS EN1500 and BS EN1276
Laboratory tested

Apply a moderate but sufficient amount to your hands and rub in well, taking care to full cover all areas including finger nails and between the fingers.
Allow hands to air dry
Remember that any subsequent use of towels or paper tissues may lead to re-contamination of bacteria.

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