Our top 5 products

Our big movers fall into the following categories:


1. Wipes – our Medikills wipes in easy-dispense buckets of 400 hit the top spot in terms of popularity – conveniently packed for ease of use and with a highly effective antibacterial and virucidal solution, it’s easy to see why these are an all-round favourite out of all the variants of wipes we supply.


2. Alcohol hand gel – with a 75% alcohol content, lightly peach fragranced and aloe vera recipe that leaves your hands smooth and clean, our 5 litre tubs have proved outstandingly popular, as have the 500ml pump bottles of genuine Alcagel® – one of the leading hand sanitiser products on the market.


3. Masks and eye protection – The Type 2R face mask takes the no.1 slot in this bracket, closely followed by the basic civilian 3 ply disposable mask.  Our cushioned full face clear plastic face shield comes a close runner up and all three items have proved immensely popular across all sectors.


4. Hand gel dispensers – simple but effective, our 1 litre wall mounted refillable dispenser has sold in numbers beyond our highest expectations.  Alongside this, at the top end of the range, our free-standing, contactless automatic dispenser has also proved to be extremely sought after and extremely reliable in even the most demanding of situations.


5. Gloves – Vinyls, nitriles, small, medium, large and extra-large – these are in constant demand, which at times has outstripped supply, however, thanks to a number of strategic supply lines, we continue to supply these at market beating rates.